R  V I S I O N

The Creation of R SKIN and YR STORY

Over the past nine years . .

We have been crafting a talent at RAZRWING . Our employees and Volunteers have helped structure a concept in being the first story in entertainment , as an interactive game featured on an apparel and accessories platform.

Using this entry into the entertainment retail gaming Market company — and shaped our understanding, our history, and the rate of adoption along the way, the Razr Vision is a landscape of uncharted territory. Our company’s pursuit is to build, create and matter in this new social virtually mixed atmosphere. Together, we can meet R challenges of anything ahead.

Vision , Purpose , and Mission :

Create, Build , Share , Explore and Matter Aspiration : To be the Best in Augmented, Mixed Reality Gaming Market Enterprise. Strategy : Operate as One Company, Build Creative Strength with Innovative Speed, Construct, and Create to Win​

2019 Goals :

– First to Market –

-Top- Performance and Returns –

– Growth Fueled by Innovation and Production

– Design, Manufacturing, that will Service Excellence

– Accelerated Innovation

– Global Scale and Depth

– Best Team, Talent and Leaders